Most of us associate only Gujarat with dhokla, khakra or Gujarati Thali which are worthy of proclamation. But there is more to Gujarati diet than that. North Gujarat, Kacch, Kathiyawad and Surti Gujarat are the four largest regions of Gujarat and each of these brings their own unique Gujarati cuisine.

1. Khamani

Sponge Snack

Khaman, Gujarati Food, Gujarati Dishes

The intense heat and sound produced by milling lentils and chickpeas flour are essentially similar to his unpretentious cousin, known worldwide? Dokla ?. To set the khaman, a mixture of khaman flour is mixed with bubbles next to turmeric, salt and to prepare the pop for simplicity and softness. It is then cut into blocks and as a rule is garnished with mustard seeds, coriander leaves, sev and chopped onions. It is usually used in a large green leaf called Kesuda, an improved, urban form given in daily papers in farsan (nibble) stores with tart chutneys and a few pieces of green pepper. Typical khaman recipes include Ameri khaman (shorn khaman adorned with sev and halananda), nylon khaman (soft and quick cooking khaman) and Masala (khaman given hot nippy powder)

2. Thepla

The story that each Gujarati swears by!

Thepla, Gujarati Food, Gujarati Dishes

There are no Gujarati business, picnics, outdoor trips or even business trips completed without this ubiquitous information. Produced using gram flour, whole wheat flour, pure fenugreek leaves and flavors, these flatbreads are sensible options with longevity in practical application. Usually eaten with fresh curd, cucumbers or chundo, they make a healthy diet. When joined by a hot tea party, they once again made a spectacular breakfast or a wonderful hailstorm during the storm. Despite the fact that methi (fenugreek) is the most widely recognized, a variety of varieties include palak (spinach), amaranth or mule (raddish) theplas - specially recommended for vegetarians.

3. Khandvi

The beautiful Gujarati Naashta

Khandvi, Gujarati cuisine, Gujarati cuisine, Gujarati cooking styles

Thin layers of gram flour cooked in butter and tossed gently, prepared with the seeds of the removed sesame seeds and a few different spices, that’s your candy. The delicate but fragrant garnish of curry leaves, coriander, sautéed cumin, mustard and coconut makes it basically compelling. In addition to the so-called 'suralichya ate' in Maharashtra, it is a well-known place among Gujarati and Maharashtrians alike. Although popular with everyone, no one can deny that this dish is somewhat dangerous, especially to get the player’s consensus in the right way. Light in the stomach and satisfying on the tongue, khandvi can be a flawless breakfast or scrumptious night nibble.

4. Indigenous

The Winter Delicacy

Undhiyu, Gujarati Food, Gujarati dishes, Gujarati cooking styles

The Gujarati king eats Undhiyu (and apparently Uttarayan) which is the reason why the Gujarati eagerly awaits winter. It derives its name from the Gujarati word for? A unique winter meal produced using special new delivery that is quickly accessible in the winter. The basic ingredients include eggplant, hardy muthiyas (fried peanut butter dumplings), potatoes, yam, green peas, bananas and beans, which are easily cooked to perfection with butter, coconut and flavors. Undhiyu presented with puris and shrikhand is a common event among Gujarati weddings.

5. Hate him

Nibble you can't say no!

Muthia, Gujarati cuisine, Gujarati dishes, Gujarati cooking styles

Designed by the material used to form the mixture, these abridged handmade cakes make an unusual breakfast or dinner. To set this up, a mixture of chickpea flour, bottle jar and flavors is prepared, steamed, dried and prepared. If you happen to wear a hot hat, it turns out to be an amazing dinner for health professionals. Various varieties include the use of spinach, fenugreek, amaranth or very hard gourd. Delicious and soft on the inside, shiny and firm on the outside, no one can say no to a bowl full of muta hiya. Best flavored with a dash of mint-coriander chutney or ketchup, and hot hot tea.

6. Handvo

Delicious Cake

Gujarati Cuisine, Gujarati dishes, Gujarati cooking styles, Handvo

It is usually arranged over charcoal or in a weight box, handvo is a delicious cake. To prepare the handvo, a hitter of lentils and rice is sorted and matured over a period of time, after which it is prepared. Now they are burned to make them firm and pure, and the taste of sesame seeds makes them even stronger! These nutritious or roasted lentil cakes are a popular one-meal dinner in Gujarati family units. Like many other Gujarati snacks, they are greatly enjoyed with tart green chutney and hot cuppa.

7. Fafda-Jalebi

Dream Cheat Day Breakfast!

Fafda Jalebi, Gujarati Food, Gujarati Dishes, Gujarati recipes

Made famous by the daily purifier ‘Taarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma’ ?, this is (almost) the daily Gujarati treacherous breakfast. Fafda is a fine-grained chickpea flour, offasseed, jalebi is a southern style sugar made from wheat flour and added with sugar. Together, they are a game played in paradise. If you take a little freshly chopped, salty, freshly baked fafda and eat it with a coarse, delicious jalebi, you will surely be in a nutritious paradise. Have a cold sore or whipped papaya chutney with this mixture, and your taste buds will explode drastically. Almost all street corners in Gujarat, esp. Ahmedabad has a store that offers these. On Sundays, there are fine lines outside the farsan shops, for a free breakfast of this famous group.

8. Lilva Kachori

The right storm